Whereas the Fujifilm GFX 100S has formidable video abilties, there has’t been quick take-up on it as a filmmaking digital digicam. That might be roughly to alter, nevertheless, as LockCircle introduces an X Cage particularly for the 100MP powerhouse.

A physique that fits snugly throughout the digital medium structure digital digicam, the X Cage offers 100 and fifty 1/4-20 threads and seven 3/8-sixteen threads, making it viable to attach a big quantity of add-ons together with displays, microphones, lights, viewfinders, heavy-obligation digital digicam rigging and larger to the Fujifilm GFX 100S.

All this makes it tons larger useable within the worrying seasoned video business. The cage integrates with the Cineblock interface mount, permitting the utilization of the distinctive GX-PL Mount, which means that shooters can use PL cinema lenses on the digital digicam. It moreover capabilities security for MultiPort HDMI, USB and audio connector ports, making for a safe and regular manufacturing digital digicam, even in tough taking footage environments.

The baseplate moreover offers regular mounting with out a twisting, the utilization of 1/4-20 and three/8-sixteen threads. It’s designed to make it clear and temporary to mount and dismount the digital digicam, and is derived in anodized Basic Black or tough anodized Tactical Grey.

It moreover has quite a few threads to mount an (AC) tape dimension hook at the exact sensor focal airplane, which means consideration puller work could also be achieved with extreme precisionAlso, in case you do want to use your GFX 100S to shoot stills, it’s possible you’ll accomplish that with out pushing aside the cage.

This makes quite a few expertise – the as GFX 100S indubitably is a high-satisfactory of every worlds type of digital digicam close to glorious image high-satisfactory.

The ergonomics of the cage are designed to provide a stability amongst the freedom of hand-held use and the heavy obligation rigging of large-scale productions – it weighs a fairly slim 245g.

The idea being, anyplace on that scale you sit, you need to have the flexibility to make the most of it. This makes quite a few expertise given that it’s type of the proposition of the GFX 100S itself – pairing high-give up professional image high-satisfactory with a body that’s transportable ample to handhold for extended intervals.

The cage is made for high-give up cinematography, which appears fairly beautiful on the GFX 100S approach to the generously sized medium structure sensor.

We wouldn’t be amazed if we see larger filmmakers taking acquire of the GFX 100S’ great video abilties to create their content material materials within the future. Additionally, given that the Fujifilm GFX 50S II is basically bodily identical to the GFX 100S, it’s possible you’ll presumably use the cage with that digital digicam too.

Though the reality that the 50S doesn’t shoot 4K method we suspect that most seasoned video prospects will select the 100S.

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