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When Amazon launched the Echo Present eight intelligent present returned in 2020, it featured a simple eight-inch present with a returned included in woven materials.

On the the entrance, it had thick bezels with a the entrance digital digicam with controls, consisting of a digital digicam shutter on pinnacle. It acted as a precursor to the bigger and waaaaaayyy smarter Echo Present 10 that got a main enhance this 12 months (you could take a look at out our overview of the 2ndknow-how Echo Present 10 intelligent present right here).

Coming returned to the Echo Present eight, years later, now not a superb deal has modified. At the very least now not firstly look. The second-know-how Echo Present eight, which changed into launched in India final month at a cost of ₹13,999, capabilities the equal woven-materials returned format with thick bezels as its predecessor.

The finest distinction is that associated to the digital digicam know-how, which has modified by way of leaps and bounds. The 2nd know-how Echo Present eight capabilities a increased and further intuitive digital digicam that now not finest offers further readability compared to the first-know-how Echo Present eight nevertheless it is also increased at specializing in people over a video identify as they movement spherical within the body.

Apart from that, not something a superb deal has modified. Design The second-know-how Amazon Echo Present eight, in distinction to its elder sibling the second-know-how Echo Present 10, has now not gotten a main revamp in phrases of format. It capabilities the equal format as a result of the first-know-how Echo Present eight.

This means which you get the equal eight-inch HD present (duh!) with thick bezels on all 4 sides. The pinnacle bezel has a webcam that could also be manually disabled using the toggle button on the chassis of the intelligent present. In direction of the correct facet of this toggle button, you get 3 buttons, to govern the extent and one to prevent Alexa from snooping in in your conversations.

This area moreover holds 4 mics that help Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, to converse with people. On the rear, you get the equal protruding returned similar to the first-know-how Echo Present eight that resembles the classic CRT televisions.

This area, like its predecessor, is included by way of a woven-materials-like format. Shifting downwards on the returned, you will see a vitality port that maintains Alexa often juiced up. Like I said earlier than, from the outdoor not something has modified. It’s almost as if the second-know-how Echo Present eight is caught in time. And for most elements it’s miles.

Aside from one. Efficiency Now let’s talk roughly one of many most important elements of this overview – the general efficiency of the Amazon Echo Present eight. Amazon’s second-know-how Echo Present eight comes with an eight-inch HD present and it runs on MediaTek’s MT 8163 processor, which has remained fairly a superb deal unchanged compared to the previous know-how. Whereas this might now not exactly be a terrific facet, it isn’t a horrible facet both. For one, the next-gen Echo Present eight offers the equal sensitivity and smoothness as its predecessor.

The totally different facet is that at the same time as you can be using the Echo Present eight using voice directions principally, on unusual occasions while you do decide to use the contact show present, it suggests no lag. Moreover, the adaptive present ensures that Echo Present eight intelligent present lighting up and receives outfitted to take your orders as shortly as you stroll into the room.

I even have situated the second-Amazon Echo Present eight whereby I most use to check out info updates, focus to track at the same time as doing the every day chores and try out new recipes and I truly similar to the actuality that Alexa and the Echo Present eight are often there to pay attention me out and observe my directions.

Coming to the digital digicam, that’s one part that has got a main enhance. The primary-know-how Echo Present eight obtained right here with a 1MP digital digicam. The second-know-how Echo Present eight capabilities a 13MP digital digicam with twin stereo audio system which, as I discussed, is a main step up compared to the previous know-how.

This new digital digicam is smarter than that of its predecessor, now not merely in phrases of the specs, which it manifestly is, nevertheless moreover in phrases of the distinctive. You’ll be able to see the distinction notably while you are speakme in your buddies and personal family contributors using Alexa’s video calling performance.

The visuals are clear, the sound is balanced and the Echo Present eight does a super job at preserving the focus on the correct spot. Lastly, audio and Alexa. Effectively, Amazon has been constantly enhancing the audio distinctive of its intelligent audio system and intelligent shows know-how after know-how and the second-know-how Echo Present eight is not anyt any exception to this rule.

It capabilities a perfectly balanced sound that is nice for dinner-time conversations. Moreover, I tried Amitabh Bachchan’s voice, that’s a model new attribute that Alexa has got in India. Admittedly, it’s weird to pay attention Alexa sound like a person (no offense of us!) after paying attention to her sweet and nice voice for years. It takes fairly some time getting used to it nevertheless whenever you do get a cling of it, it’s miles fun to fiddle with.

You’ll be able to ask Alexa to exchange you roughly the day’s local weather conditions in Bachchan’s voice or you could ask her to tell you a joke, it makes for thrilling conversations. Good facet is that this feature works on all Echo gadgets, so that you simply don’t need to buy a model new intelligent present or a intelligent speaker to supply it a try.


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