Battlegrounds Mobile India thanks users for support, APK could be hosted on official site: Report

PUBG Mobile (or Playerunknown Battlegrounds Mobile) India was one of the most popular games in the country until last year when it was banned with several other apps over possible security concerns. Many months later, PUBG Mobile’s replacement, Battlegrounds Mobile India is about to be released in the country and now the developers have thanked users for their support.

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In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Battlegrounds Mobile India thanked users for supporting the game, along with an image featuring a grid of nine user comments presumably praising or expressing excitement about the game and the trailer shared on YouTube. “We are overwhelmed by the love you guys have shown us! Keep dropping the awesome comments!” the post states, urging users to pre-register for the game.

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The post has currently garnered over 14,000 reactions and over 1,900 comments at the time of publishing this article. It was also shared 184 times, according to the post counters. Meanwhile, on YouTube, the half-minute announcement video has racked up 1.28 crore views and 10 lakh likes since it was released on May 18. Meanwhile, the Battlegrounds Mobile India channel has over 41.3 lakh subscribers.

According to a report by Sportskeeda, it appears that the Battlegrounds Mobile India website will also host the Android Application Package installer (or APK) of the game, in parallel with the Play Store when the game is launched. While there is no mention of the app or file on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website, it is only a matter of time before the game is finally released. 

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We have previously reported that pre-registrations for the game which opened up for Android last month had crossed the 20 million mark. The company is yet to announce an official date for the game to be released in the country, but several leaks point to a June 18 release. Meanwhile, all players who have pre-registered for the game on the Google Play Store will receive an exclusive ‘Recon’ set including a mask and an outfit, when the game is eventually released.

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