This game lets you murder your husband and cover it up

Video games, whether on the console or on your hand-held devices like a smartphone or a Nintendo Switch, let you virtually do a lot of things. Ride dragons, shoot zombies, build townships, battle giants. And all that is simply fantastic. But if you can turn one of our deepest desires into a game and let us play it out so as we don’t do it in real life, maybe, you have our vote. And our money.

Overboard!, a replayable detective game, allows you to play as a woman who’s on a ship in the 1930s trying to solve the murder of your husband. The fantastic twist is – you killed him yourself! So essentially the game is all about trying to pin the blame on someone else on the ship and escape to America and go scot-free. So, this game lets you “girlboss, gatekeep, and gaslight” as Polygon succinctly puts it, all at one go. Win, win, WIN.

Created by Inkle studios, which are known for high-quality narrative games like 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault, Overboard! Is a visual novel. You as a player will navigate the ship and pick your dialogues from menus. The other characters on the ship with you are properly fleshed out and they remember everything they hear you say and do, so you have to remember as well. You can also bribe, convince, or even kill other passengers to get away with your first murder. Now, if you are caught committing a second murder, you are done for.

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As much fun as it sounds, the game is not free. It is available on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. You can buy it for 459 from the App Store and for 390 on Steam (there’s a 15% discount) for Windows and macOS. The discount on Steam ends on June 9 so if you are interested, you’ll have to hurry. To play Overboard! on Windows you need at least a 64-bit processor and a machine running Windows XP+, 2 GB RAM memory and 200MB space. The bare minimum requirements on the Mac also include a 64-bit processor, the machine running OS X 10.14 and higher, 2GB RAM memory and 200MB storage space. If you have a soundcard then it makes the experience better. 

We are super tempted to try this out, let us know if you do!

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