Salesforce updates Vaccine Cloud with asynchronous registration and scheduling

Salesforce is updating its Vaccine Cloud to enable people to pre-register to receive a vaccine and then be notified when an appointment is available.

The Vaccine Cloud’s free upgrade is designed to eliminate the constant page refreshing required to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment and create a more scalable system as vaccinations are open to all as of April 19.

Salesforce’s effort is a different twist on what Akamai is doing with waiting rooms for registration and vaccine appointments. Akamai’s approach improves synchronous registration where Salesforce’s asynchronous registration and scheduling approach aims to time shift the process. However, the goals are the same: Make the queue for vaccines more orderly and scalable.

Salesforce’s Vaccine Cloud update include the following system:

  • Residents can pre-register to receive a vaccine.
  • Once eligible residents are notified to schedule an appointment via email, SMS or other channels.
  • Vaccine Cloud connects with the person with a personalized scheduling process and one-time use link.
  • Once that link is used available locations and appointments are highlighted.

Beyond vaccine inventory, queue management and scheduling appointments has been the biggest hassle with COVID-19 vaccinations.

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