Google Play Pass now has over 800 games, apps

Google today announced that Google Play Pass now houses over 800 apps and games. In addition to this, Google announced a bunch of new gaming titles that are available on the company’s subscription service for free.

The list includes Football Manager 2021, which was earlier available for $8.99 ( 659 approx.), Sago Mini School, which was earlier available for $7.99 ( 586 approx.), Flockers, which was earlier available for $1.99 ( 146 approx.), Teslagrad, which was earlier available for $6.99 ( 513 approx.), The Gardens Between, which was earlier available for $4.99 ( 366 approx.), Forgotten Anne, Star Wars: KOTOR, which was earlier available for $9.99 ( 733 approx.), and Dead Cells, which was earlier available for $8.99 ( 659 approx.).

The list does not end there. In addition to the above-mentioned games, Google has added dozens of games to Play Pass in the past couple of months. While EVO ISLAND, Fisti-Fluffs and SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle game on Play Pass are premiering on Play Pass, the company has also launched games such as Dead Cells, Mental Hospital IV – 3D Creepy & Scary Horror Game, Super Cat Tales 2 and Slender Last Sleep on Game Play.

For puzzle lovers, the company has launched Hamster Town, Shuttle Shuffle: Aliens, Panic, Swapperoo, Faraway: Puzzle Escape, Mystic Pillars: A Story Based Puzzle Game, Pebble Universe and Stranger Cases: A Mystery Escape among others.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Google launched Play Pass subscription service back in September 2019. At the time, it had over 350 apps and cost just $1.99 ( 146 approx.) per month for the first year. This price was then increased to $4.99 ( 366 approx.) when the first year ended.

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