Federal Reserve Bank suffers outage

The Federal Reserve Bank on Wednesday suffered an outage that for a time disrupted all of its services, hampering financial institutions from exchanging money electronically. The disruption, first discovered around 11:15am ET, was the result of a Federal Reserve operational error, the Fed said on its systems status page

“We acknowledge that payment deadlines are impacted,” the Fed said on its site.

At 2:17pm ET, access to Central Bank applications was restored, the Fed said.

As of 2:57pm, processing of FedACH files resumed. FedACH is the Federal Reserve Banks’ critical automated clearing house service. Once services resumed, the Fed said customers should receive acknowledgments for incoming files but that the backlog of files may take time to clear. 

In response to the outage — specifically to the disruption of Access to FedCash Services — the Fed extended the cash order deadline for FedCash Services.

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