Opera releases Opera 33 Web Browser with new features for Windows, OS X, and Linux


Opera has released its Opera 33 web browser for computers. Apart from the features and bug fixes that is discussed on the Desktop team blog.The Opera 33 also sports a new product logo reflecting the new brand identity of the company.Users will find the updated “O” icon in the menu button, on the taskbar, and on the desktop screen.

Last month, Opera launched its new brand identity which goes beyond its new logo. The new 3D “O” symbolizes a gateway that helps users do more online with Opera.Opera is gradually rolling out new product icons to its mobile browsers and apps. The new “O” in Opera for computers, Opera Mini for iOS, and Opera Mini for Windows Phone.

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An icon for each stage of development

Real-time feedback and bug reports from users are very helpful, since Opera has a fast release cycle for its browser updates. Every six weeks, a new version of the browser gets published in the experimentaldeveloper channel, waiting to be uploaded by users. The developer version is followed by a more stable, beta version within a few weeks. A few more weeks later, the beta version is ironed out until Opera releases a stable version.

The new 3D icon on the Opera browsers reflect a developmental process. The developer channel builds show a wireframe icon, just black, white and grey. The beta icon depicts some more finished work, and the wireframe starts getting painted up with Operas signature red color.

Opera releases Opera 33 Web Browser with new features for PC

Improvements on Mac and Linux

With Opera 33 has a more cleaned up look of Opera on Mac. It has a shiny new “vibrant” toolbar to match the rest of El Capitan’s transparent look. Besides, the browser has added added support for proprietary codecs like H264 video and MP3 audio on Linux platforms.

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