Spotify now available in India for Rs 13 per day: Everything you need to know

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There is also a free version of Spotify as well.


After an n number of postponed India launch, Spotify, the premium and freemium music streaming service has finally arrived in India. Spotify is an audio/music streaming platform, available for Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

Spotify now available in India for Rs 13 per day

Spotify is a premium music service, as a user has to pay money to an option to download music with offline play, to listen to music in high quality, and to get ad-free user experience. With a free account, a user can access all songs and playlists, given, the app will show some ads.

Users can download the Spotify app on Android and iOS device from the respective app stores for free of cost. The sign-up program is pretty straight forward using a Facebook account or an e-mail ID.

Free one-month premium account

Spotify is offering free 30 days of premium account access for free of cost, for those who are interested in trying out the premium features. As of now, there is no option to get a premium account from the app itself.

Click here to sign up for Spotify Premium

Go to this URL to become a premium member. Do note that, the user has to have a credit card to get a premium Spotify account.

Spotify now available in India for Rs 13 per day

Premium packages

  • Rs 13 for one day
  • Rs 39 for one week
  • Rs 129 for one month
  • Rs 389 for three months
  • Rs 719 for six months
  • Rs 1189 for one year

There is a special package for students at a 50% discounted price. Click on the link mentioned above to know more about the student offer. What are the music streaming services that you use on a daily basis? Are you interested in getting a Spotify premium account? Share your view in the comment box.

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