Apple App Store web interface gets major redesign: It looks more appealing

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Apple has used all that it has learnt in the last 9 years to redesign the App Store from the ground up.


After all these years, Apple has finally rolled out a major redesign and updated its old close-knit App Store web interface to make it appealing to users. “The new redesign takes cues from the all-new App Store in iOS 11, which offers larger images, a focus on curation and reviews, and more.

Apple App Store web interface gets major redesign: It looks far better

“Since the App Store launched nine years ago, millions of apps have been downloaded billions of times. And we’ve used all that we’ve learnt to redesign the App Store from the ground up. Inside are must-read stories, expert recommendations, carefully crafted lists, helpful how-tos and new ways to find your next favorite app or game. This is the biggest thing to come to the App Store – since app,” Apple has said.

Besides, the design change to the web interface seems to follow the company’s decision to remove the App Store from the iTunes desktop application. In any case, the new look is much more streamlined and makes it clearer how apps can be downloaded on an iOS device.

To further elaborate, Apple’s new webpage comes with new tabs that allow users to easily discover the next app or game which they can’t live without. There are basically three tabs, Today Tab, Games Tab and Apps Tab where each tab is filled with content to keep users informed, engaged and inspired.

The webpage also displays interesting stories and also how-to articles and tips directly from the App Store. Users further get suggestions for most download-worthy games and apps and according to Apple everything users are looking for will be easier to find with expanded search results.

“The app product page has been redesigned to focus on the details you need when deciding what to download. From more videos to rankings and reviews, we’ve got loads of ways to help you pick the app that’s right for you,” the company has said.

Meanwhile, Apple also redesigned its iTunes desktop application last September, where it has basically cleared the content offerings in the app by removing things such as Books, the App Store, and iTunes U. The company also brought a similar redesign for Apple Music on the web last year.

In any case, if you visit the Apple Music or App Store now both the web interfaces look quite familiar. What do you think of the new layout? Do let us know in the comments.

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